Crisis Core

    8 September 2008, terribly early in the morning

I finished Crisis Core on the bus ride to work. I’m very conflicted over the game: I know deep down it was a pretty lame. Square had so much to work with, and they basically dropped the ball. Visually the game is amazing: its impressive what they managed to do with the PSP. Sadly, visuals aren’t all there is to a game. The game play is very linear. The storyline is barely fleshed out. Lots of characters are introduced that you’re supposed to care about, but which ultimate you really can’t. Finally, the game itself is very simple. None of the big boss battles are particularly hard. On the other hand, it’s still the prequel to Final Fantasy VII. And for that reason alone I felt compelled to play it and finish it. If the game has any depth at all, it comes from its association to Final Fantasy VII. Bits and pieces Crisis Core’s story show up in Final Fantasy VII, in flash backs. These events are fleshed out — ever so slightly— to create the storyline for the new game. Sadly, the new story just isn’t as good as the old one. Square waited so long to make this game, I don’t understand why they could not have made it better.

Actually, I should add that the ending of the game is done really well. Also, this game has made me reconsider my opinion of Final Fantasy VII. Maybe it is better than Final Fantasy VI?



  1. I must borrow and mod your PSP at some point. I must play Crisis Core!

  2. Watching the PS3 FFVII trailer makes me want to play the game all the more. I'll probably play FF IV for the millionth time instead though. I wonder if an FF VI remake is in the works as well.

  3. I like FF6 more than FF7! Sabin! I love doing Blitz!

    I hope there is a FF6 remake! I love that game!

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