Daring Fireball

   25 October 2005, early evening

I’ve been reading Daring Fireball for a very long time now. John Gruber writes about Apple, and is for the most part usually pretty insightful with his commentary. I mentioned in passing that I was going to support his site for the year. Today, sick at home, reading through the Daring Fireball archives, I decided the site is definitely good enough to worth supporting. I mean, I gave Jason Kottke money for his blogging venture, it seems only fair to support a site with some quality content. So I sent Mr. Daring Fireball some of my hard earned moneys. Also, I really wanted the t-shirt.

Update Oct 27th: John Gruber says a little bit more about his goals for this membership drive, and the amount of support he has received so far: Membership Numbers.



  1. Do you think if I create a Shima’s Engagement Ring Fund you would send me some of your “hard earned moneys”?

  2. Yeah, Shima. I will also start a “Help a Brown Brother” fund.

    John Gruber is very good and far more deserving of support than Kottke. And the t-shirt looks nice.

  3. Shima, you just need to declare that you are giving up school for blogging and that anyone who thinks your blog is worthwhile will buy you an engagement ring. Out of sheer guilt alone, Ram will have to do it.

    Fool proof.

    Total. Genius.

    I need some ice cream…

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