Daring Fireball membership expires on...

   10 October 2006, mid-afternoon

I was reading my RSS feeds in Bloglines today when I saw my name in big letters in the Daring Fireball feed. “Wow,” I though, “I wonder what I did to get written about in Daring Fireball.” I read the title more closely: Reminder for Ramanan Sivaranjan: Daring Fireball membership expires on October 26. It’s been a whole year since I bought my Daring Fireball membership. He was the second blogger I decided to support, the first was Jason Kottke. I think Kottke’s Micropatron idea was a failed experiment; I didn’t really enjoy the feel of the site the whole year he was reader supported. I’d say kottke.org has a much warmer feel since Jason added ads and stopped with this patronage business—which, if you think about it, seems kind of backwards. Not that I regret donating to his cause, I liked the whole idea of quiting work to blog. Gruber’s site on the other hand has only gotten better since he started doing it full time, supported by ads and his readers. I don’t regret the money I coughed up last year, and i’ll most definitely renew my membership again this year; I steal so many links from Daring Fireball its nice to have them show up in Bloglines.



  1. Yeah same here.

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