Dark Sun

   12 December 2004, early afternoon

Like many a nerd before me, I used to play Dungeons and Dragons. I stopped sometime in the beginning of high school, but didn’t stop buying the books for my favourite campaign setting, Dark Sun, till some time in the middle of high school. AD&D books used to be quite expensive; I imagine they still might be. However, they can now be purchased in PDF format for almost nothing. More so, I was surprised to learn that Wizards of the Coast, who bought TSR, the original owners of Dungeons and Dragons, let the fan site The Burnt World of Athas take over development of the Dark Sun setting. The group has released several ‘official’ expansion packs for the Dark Sun setting for free, including a conversion of the system to the new AD&D rules. Wizards of the Coast actually did this for a few of the less popular game settings, like Dragon Lance for example. Was anyone else aware of this? It seems quite progressive. I suspect many companies would have simply maintained control of what is by all rights theirs, simply let the settings dwindle and die, and sued fan sites that tried to develop anything with the settings.



  1. Closet nerd? I’ve come out of the closet.

    People know that I play magic cards and video games. But really, I’m a better partier, with hotter girls then people of my attractiveness level normally have. So I’m proud that I can be super nerdy and still be social. =p

    I’m also quite proud that I’m good at nerdy stuff too…oh so nerdy. Anyone have some old Wildstorm cards?

  2. Yeah, mine are all still in Scarborough. I should bring them all to my new place. I also find that being really nerdy hasn’t hindered my social life in the leaf. I think being a geek is chic now. Well, that is what I tell myself so I can sleep.

  3. I also find that being really nerdy hasn’t hindered my social life in the leaf.

    What the hell does that even mean? I need to read what I write.

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