Dave and Sarah's Wedding

    8 October 2010, early morning

This past weekend my friends Dave and Sarah were married. I got a slick new suit for the occasion. (I now own two suits. We are moving on up!) They were married at the Scarborough Golf Club. Scarborough, as you may know, is the best place on the planet. I was the best man, so l got to stand next to Dave while we waited for his bride. The entire bridal party were more or less in tears for the entire ceremony. It was very sweet, since none of the ladies struck me as criers. Well except for Sarah I suppose. The day was busy. There photos then a wedding then more photos then a dinner and a toast and then some games and drinking and dancing. Much fun was had. It’s always nice to have all my high school friends together in one place. The wedding feels like the last big event of what was a very busy last few months. It was a nice way to cap off the summer. A week has passed and I still feel very happy.

Dave and Sarah



  1. I like weddings so much. =)

  2. Boy you and Shima go to lots of Weddings. Sounds like you and her have fun too. And fancy clothes to boot too.

  3. My friend went to 10 weddings this year. (Or was it 11?) So now I have a new perspective on what ‘a lot of’ weddings actually is.

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