"Did someone call for a doctor?"

   23 May 2004, mid-afternoon

I woke up in the early afternoon today. Coming downstairs to eat lunch, I find Ahilan just about ready to watch Ocean’s 11. I’ve seen the film a million times before. I sat and watched the beginning with him while eating my lunch, and couldn’t pull myself away once the film got rolling.

For those of you who don’t know, Ocean’s 11 is a really well done heist movie. The film has a wicked cast, slick plot, and just about anything else you would want in a movie. My only gripe with the film is the love story that seems a bit tacked on, but even that is done fairly well. I can’t imagine anyone who’s reading this who hasn’t seen the movie, but just incase you haven’t, go watch it. The film is damn good.

The Official Site for Ocean’s 11.



  1. haven’t seen it! :(

  2. Really? Wow. We can watch it together sometime then. I’ll add it to the list.

  3. Ocean’s 12 is coming out, soemtime rather soon—later this year I do believe.

  4. Hey Ramanan,

    Have you seen the trailer for Ocean’s Twelve. Somehow, Soderbergh was able to get the entire crew from Ocean’s Eleven. I mean, EVERYBODY.

    Word on the street is that everyone loves working with the guy, so chances are he won’t be out-of-pocket $100 million for salaries. ;-)

    But, I agree with something Ebert said… Ocean’s Eleven is a great film, but there’s a feeling that Soderbergh was kicking back when he made it. That is, he wasn’t stretching himself. It could be that he’s THAT good or maybe because it’s a remake. Whatever the case, Ocean’s Twelve will be the true test.

    We’ll see.


  5. By the way, you’re right. KB II is totally wicked. :-)


  6. Well, Ocean’s 11 was a remake but it wasn’t really a remake—The plot in the original Ocean’s 11 was totally different as I remember, along with some characters. The basic premise, the robbers, etc., is about the only thing the two share in common.

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