Down to the Wire

   26 June 2006, early evening

There were a lot of in the kitchen watching the penalty kicks in the Ukraine-Switzerland World Cup game. Switzerland hadn’t conceded a goal in regular time till these penalty kicks. Both goalies stopped the first set of kicks; only Ukraine’s goalie managed to stop the remaining kicks. The Bloor West Village has gone totally mental. Bloor is lined with cars honking their horns, and people whistling and waving flags. Thankfully, I live just far enough North of Bloor that the scene is quaint, but not obnoxious—or loud. I’m cheering for Ukraine over Italy in the next round.



  1. Did you catch the Aust – Italy match?

  2. That was good too, up until the lame penalty.

  3. Soccer is pretty boring compared to Hockey. Just can’t be that interested, except in the reactions of the people to their teams winning.

  4. Weird. I find hockey terribly boring.

  5. Agreed. I like watching soccer much more. Hockey is fast paced I suppose, but I don’t think it’s that much fun to watch.

  6. Soccer has hot men who go shirt-less after the game! Enough said! :O

  7. Let’s get some whiteboy opinions in here! I like hockey because it’s fast, has no out of bounds, and is Canadian. =)

  8. Well, if you want the opinion of a white boy, I’m also happy to offer it.

    Hockey sucks. Really, it’s super boring. And so does baseball, so I guess there goes my American cred.

    Soccer is a great sport to watch.

    But American football, boxing, and any other form of full contact martial arts are the best.

  9. I’m super pissed about Suisse losing to the Ukraine. As you alluded, first team to ever be eliminated from the World Cup without giving up a single goal.

    * L * got pictures of the chaos after the Swiss beat Korea though, I hope she ‘blogs about it. It was also hard to sleep in Paris the other night after they beat Spain; cars honked for hours after the match and randomly throughout the night.

    it’s awesome how soccer is enjoyed so universally here. Everyone in every bar and restaurant is watching the game so seriously (we’ve also had a few soccer-related service delays).

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