Dream for Kabul

   13 August 2009, terribly early in the morning

The Japan Foundation screened Dream for Kabul last night. It’s the story of a father, Haruhiro Shiratori, who loses his son during the World Trade Centre bombing. He decides to try and build a memorial to his son in Kabul. His goal is to try and promote peace. Of course, nothing is quite so simple. Shiratori is an engaging figure, and quite inspiring. Throughout the film he and the people interviewed suggest that before his sons death he was probably a very different figure. It sounds like he and his son were estranged. What he’s trying to accomplish is quite inspiring. The film is shot in three locations: Tokyo, New York, and Kabul; there is also a lot of footage of post-WWII Tokyo. The way the film is edited, you often find yourself thinking you’re watching a scene in one country when in fact you’re actually in another. It’s a smart effect. The film seems to meander a bit at times, but on the whole I think it’s interesting and well worth watching. As an aside, I love the Japan Foundation. That building is awesome, everyone there is so friendly, and their shows and exhibits are so nice.

The official Dream for Kabul website.



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