Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga

   27 September 2004, the wee hours

When I was in high school I was over at Rishi’s house one day and he played me a song from the film 1942: A Love Story, a Hindi movie. The details of why he would play this particular song I don’t remember at all. I don’t even think I was at all interested in Hindi music at the time. Regardless, I thought the song was brilliant. I find that songs I don’t understand all end up in my head sounding melancholy. This song was no exception. To this day I listen to it when I am in a bad mood. Today, I decided to look up what the songs title meant in English. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga means “When I saw this girl, I felt…”.



  1. I didn’t know you had moods.

  2. I remember watching that movie when it came out in India nine or ten years ago. I think it’s like Transformers in that it would seem a lot worse if I watched it again today.

  3. Well I am dead on the inside. But I still have a few moods. One day I will package them up as 7 dwarfs.

  4. Will there be duplicates? I mean, 7 is a lot of moods. I know I don’t have that many.

  5. Well I thought I might just lie about having more then like 2. Maybe 3.

  6. This is the song my wife came into my life at our engagement ceremony. Now I’m listening to this when she is leaving me or divorcing me.

    Pretty Amazing Song

  7. Hi – Can anyone e-mail me the lyrics of this song (Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga) in English? I just think it’s one of the most beautiful melodies I’ve ever heard. I’m a Bollywood fan and own the movie 1942: A love Story. Looking forward to hearing from someone who can send me the translation to this beautiful song. Thank you so very much. Valdeck

  8. Hi again – It’s Valdeck again. My e-mail is ribeirovaldeck@yahoo.com

  9. I have the translation to this song.

    Oh, I saw a girl and felt like this,
    I saw a girl and it felt,
    Like a blossoming rose, Like a poet’s dream,
    Like a ray emerging from the sun,
    Like a deer in the forest,
    Like a moonlit night,
    Like a song’s words,
    Like a dancing candle flame in the temple,
    Oh, I saw a girl and felt like that.

    Oh, I saw a girl and felt like this,
    I saw a girl and felt,
    Like the beauty of the morning,
    Like winter’s sunshine,
    Like the veena’s music,
    Like lively colours,
    Like a twisting vine,
    Like the playing waves in the sea,
    Like a fragrant breeze,
    Oh, I saw a girl and felt like that.

    Oh, I saw a girl and felt like this,
    I saw a girl and felt like,
    Like a dancing peacock
    Like a silken string,
    Like a fairy’s song,
    Like a fire of sandalwood,
    Like the sixteen traditional adornments,
    Like a smiling spring,
    Like I’m slowly losing myself in joy,
    Oh, I saw a girl and felt like that.

  10. That’s great. Thanks.

  11. wow nice!!!!
    i’m from saudi arabia
    and i loooooove this song and movie…
    thanx 4 translating i was searching 4 it..i have the song already!!

    bye ; )

  12. i love this song… reminds me of a special some1 that i met a few weeks ago….just wanted the meaning..at one point i knew it but all of the years i jus forgot.

    thank u…..

  13. This is one of my DESI song!!! I was in JR high when i first heard it. and I still listen to it to. Thanks for the translation, i didn’t have it 100%.

  14. Thankss for the translation!!!!

  15. Oh My God, This Song, It’s Just So Touching, I Was Rendered Speechless, Just Thinking About It….


    I Do Not Unsderstand Hindi, I Needed The Translation… Thank You Again.

  16. i love this song toooooo, when i listen the first time i can feel something inside of me. i speak spanish but one time again we can see how powerfull is the music… i have been searching the letter in english a long ime ago.. thanks
    now i mut translate to spanish


  17. wow wow..i ve never felt lik this any time…by any song…so so so so so so touching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grt…..lyrics..music…thanks for the translation…………was searchin fore a long time…..

  18. I haven’t thought about this song in ages. It’s pretty great. The dance sequence to go along with it in 1942 seems cheesy in comparison.

  19. The best song ever…………<3

  20. Thank you very much for translating…this song i was searching for it….

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