Elections in Iran

   20 February 2004, late morning

Elections are underway in Iran, and you can read all about them at the BBC. Iranians are apparently boycotting the elections, in the hopes of showing the world their disillusionment with the regime in power (and, for the lack of a real political opposition).

Hossein Derakhshan, a blogger from Toronto, is a good source for news about Iran. Hossein has asked bloggers in Iran not to vote, but to report about the election. If you are interested in what people in Iran have to say about the election, you can read their thoughts here.



  1. weird, you know more about recent events in Iran than i do! :s

  2. Well I saw a link on Metafilter, and then I just went surfing around looking for other stuff. The BBC site is actually quite informative.

  3. i think the reason why i refrain from following the events is that it aggravates me too much. (i don't know why i'm commenting on your blog, when i could easily be talking to you in person! :)

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