7 May 2005, terribly early in the morning

I remember when Electra first came out it was 7% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. This rating remains to this day. I would have to agree with the critics, the film just isn’t very good. I remember when the trailer first came out I thought it looked quite promising, like an attempt to do a live-action version of Ninja Scroll. The movies action sequences are alright, but nothing exceptional by todays standards. The story is pretty stupid. Elektra is sent on a mission to kill some people and she ends up trying to protect them from rival assassins. There isn’t much depth to the story whatsoever. If the film focused more on Elektra and her past it could have been more interesting, but they opted to go a different route with the film. That said, if they keep making comic book movies I’ll keep watching them.

The official Elektra web site.



  1. Ok..the lack of a story, plot, etc aside, how was Jennifer Garner?!

  2. She looked like a man, as always.

  3. A very hot man

  4. Ram’s not allowed to comment on any other girls… actresses included. 8o|

    You’d think I’m joking, but I’ve never been more serious!


  5. Jennifer Garner’s forehead spans the globe. That is all.

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