16 October 2005, mid-afternoon

Shima dragged a bunch of us out to see Elizabethtown last night. Funnily enough, most of us enjoyed the film—except for Shima. The movie takes place after Orlando Bloom’s character looses a shoe company a billion dollars. His father dies shortly after this low point in his life, and he must head down to Elizabethtown, Kentucky, to bring his fathers remains home. On the way to Elizabethtown he meets his love interest in the film, Kirsten Dunst. I think the movie has a lot of really good moments, and the dialog is quite good. It’s a funny film. I enjoyed the parts of the film that focused on death and grieving much more than those that focused on the budding almost-romance between Bloom and Dunst. The movie has a great soundtrack. There are also quite a few good cameos; Alec Baldwin is particularly funny as the head of the shoe company.

The official Elizabethtown web site.



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