Fantastic Mr. Fox

   17 January 2011, mid-afternoon

Fantastic Mr. Fox was fantastic. (The film is available on Netflix, which I now officially love.) I’m a big fan of Wes Anderson and this film was very much a Wes Anderson film. It’s amazing how well all the things that make his films so unique translate to stop-motion: the wardrobe, the sets, the shots, the music, etc. The film’s writing is great and the voice actors are all excellent. You’ll probably recognize every other voice in the film. I’d love to watch the film with some children to see if it’s as enjoyable for them as it is for someone my age. This film is definitely a must watch.

The official Fantastic Mr. Fox website.



  1. Did you watch the movie in hd? I own the Blu ray, so you better have watched it in hd.

    I personally loved the little sound gesture George clooney gave mr. Fox

  2. You can watch it with a child soon enough :) I need to watch it as well, so many films on the list I need to see

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