Fay Grim

   25 November 2007, early morning

My friends and I watched Fay Grim last night. What a strange film. Parker Posey plays a lady tasked by the CIA to retrieve her fugitive husband’s rambling notebook confessions, which apparently contain national security secrets. The story moves forward from there, and is entertaining for the most part. Every shot in the film is at an angle. Everything is skewed, which makes for a weird viewing experience. Related to this would be the acting, which also seems a bit off. The film feels a bit surreal, but it really isn’t a surreal film. It’s hard to describe I suppose. We discovered after watching the movie that it’s a sort-of sequel to another film, Henry Fool. So, if you do plan on watching this film, you might want to watch that one first. Also, Parkey Posey is cute, and she looks awesome in that dress she wears when she arrives in Paris.

The Fay Grim web site.



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