Finding a Mortar and Pestle in Toronto

   25 January 2006, early morning

Mezan sent me the following email:

Since I didn’t find the net to much help on this topic I think you shoud post it on your blog. I managed to find a big mortar and pestle that’s actually imported from Thailand at Kohinoor Foods on (1438) Gerrard St. You’d think Chinatown would be the place to look for something like that, but it turns out Indian people grind more stuff than Chinese or Vietnamese people. I was looking for where I could buy a decent mortar and pestle in Toronto but didn’t get much info. Oh, I saw some at Tap Phong too.



  1. My parents were looking for one such device a few weeks back and they tried out a few Chinese stores with no luck. I’ll have to let them know of your discovery! Thanks! :)

  2. We don’t share our Mortar and Pestles with outsiders. They are reserved for our anointed herbal doctors. However, if you are looking for sandals for $2.95, we are more then happy to serve.

  3. there used to be a kitchen supply store on Yonge across from the Summerhill LCBO named “Embros” (the sign made me doubletake). Next to the Rosedale Diner. Anyway, they’re gone now, but they carried mortars and pestles so I imagine they’re common at any kitchen supply store.

    there should be a decent list in this thread at eGullet .

  4. Embros. Funny, I took a picture of it last year.

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