First Post

   30 November 2004, lunch time

This is of course not my first post on this site, my first post was an ICQ conversation with Gary, and probably a less then spectacular way to kick things off. I am not the first person to start a web site believe it or not. Many people before me have done a better job with their first post—well, sometimes anyway:, Whole Lotta Nothing, Acts of Volition, Airbag (quite funny), Daring Fireball, Mezzoblue, 1976Desgin, EvHead, Heather Champ, Jogin, Megnut, Nedward, Dollar Short (particularly good), Plasticbag, (classic), SimpleBits, Stopdesign,



  1. I’m at home, sick and a little bit bored. I’m sure some of you think my posting a long set of links in the middle of the day is odd.

  2. you’re sick? :(


  3. What?! Not at a protest!? Get well soon.

    Mena’s first post is just brilliant.

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