Fog of War

   26 January 2004, late at night

Documentaries are cool. My cousin was telling me about one he saw recently called “the Corporation”. The film describes how corporations, if treated like people, would be classified as psychopaths by clinical psychologists. The film illustrates how corporations behave like psychopaths. It sounds quite interesting. Another film I really want to see is Fog of War, a documentary about Robert McNamara. The film is about his reflections on the things he has done in his life, and the mistakes he made. Watch the trailer. The film looks amazing.



  1. word, the corporation is playing on tv soon. i can't remember when or where, but i think it might be this thursday. i could be wrong. i wanted to see it when it was playing at bloor cinema. it might still be playing there. although, i could be wrong.

    i think giving a corporation the civil liberities of a citizen is interesting, but any discourse i have read lambasting this practise seems to outright ignore the restrictions that corporations face in regard to protecting general public from their potentially criminal behaviour.

    i wonder what 'the corporation' has to say about this issue. i'm sure it'll be very interesting. both noam chomsky and milton friedman should give interesting perspectives from both the left and right. i'm hoping michael moore is just there to get media attention and doesn't actually have much screen time.

  2. I don't know if Moore gets a lot of screen time or not. My cousin said the format was basically they list out the things that are required of someone to be classified as a textbook psychopath. The director shows how corporations posses each quality. It cuts between interviews with CEOs and information on what various corporations have done to make money.

  3. It looks like it is playing in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver - I wonder if the Princess Cinema will show it sometime.

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