Foot Cred / Shadya

    1 May 2006, early evening

Foot Cred was a pretty entertaining, funny, short film on hip-hop running shoe culture. The movie feels more like a music video than a short film—although I suppose all music videos are just short films. Foot Cred was an entertaining six minutes. If you can find it online you may as well watch it, what’s six minutes out of you day.

Shadya was surprisingly good. I honestly hadn’t expected the film to be as interesting as it turned out to be. The film is about a young Israeli Arab, Shadya. Shima, Riadh, Sanaz and I went to see the film because Shadya is a black-belt in Karate; there is no way Shima would miss a documentary about Karate. Now it turns out the film isn’t really about Karate at all, it’s a Women’s story, one I think many girls may be able to relate to. Shadya’s life is complicated by the fact she is a fiercely independent girl growing up in a society that expects her to marry and become a housewife—which she does during the course of the movie. The film is really good. I can’t stress that enough. It’s playing again next Sunday.

After the film, Shima, Riadh and Sanaz sat around chatting about Karate with the man behind the film, Shadya’s Karate coach, Hakim, who is an interesting fellow in his own right.

The official Shadya web site.



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    Thanks for your comments about Foot Cred. You can watch Foot Cred online now.

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