France Wins

    5 July 2006, mid-afternoon

I missed the first half of the game, so I didn’t get to see the foul that led to France’s goal. Portugal had a few good opportunities, but they just couldn’t beat the French defense. Ronaldo fell and he fell, but he just couldn’t get a goal. And so France of all teams makes it to the final.



  1. Zizou baby, it’s all on him to finish off the Italians.

  2. OOOOH YEAH!!!!! Who said France was gonna make it to the finals?!

    They should have taken Zidane off the field. That poor man was looking tired. He’s too old!

  3. The Globe and Mail sports page has a shot of the Portages goalie jumping for the goal. If only his hands were a few inches longer. That goalie is so damn good.

    France is going to lose to Italy.

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