14 July 2005, late at night

Freakonomics is a very light read; you can probably read the whole book in a couple days. That said, the materiel is very interesting. The book presents the economics research of Steven Levitt in a very accessible manner. I didn’t think economics could be so damn interesting. My favorite chapter in the book is on the crack game. Levitt asks the question: if selling crack is so great, why do so many crack dealers live with their mom? Turns out selling crack isn’t that great—who’d a thunk it! I don’t know if it’s a worthwhile book to own; I bought the book on a whim while at chapters. That said, it is definitely worth reading. The subjects covered by the book are bizarre to say the least.



  1. I read Steven Levitt’s crack story in the NYT magazine about a year ago. It got me hooked on Freakanomics, and I stared at the “buy it now” button at Amazon just a few hours ago, but opted for Getting Things Done instead.

    My friend refused to believe my claim that dealing drugs isn’t a glamourous career.

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