Frozen Jeans

   13 February 2009, terribly early in the morning

I pulled my jeans out of the freezer this morning. They were cold, but didn’t smell as dank as they did the day before. I put them in the freezer Wednesday night, because I had worn them out in a downpour. Rain is like dirt falling from the sky. Getting jeans you haven’t washed in 5 months wet with rain water isn’t good, especially if you don’t want to wash them for another month. And so they went in the freezer. I bought my Nudies on September 1st of last year. According to my plan, I am due to wash them on March 1st, which is just a few weeks away. (I actually didn’t realize till just now how close I am to reaching the 6 month mark with these jeans.) Wearing jeans for half a year — without washing them — can be kind of gross. With my Julian Red’s I gave up early, ending my experiment a month and a half early. With my Nudies I think I can easily cross the half a year mark.

My nudies out of the freezer.

I’m wearing my Julian Reds today. Since buying my Nudies I hardly wear anything else. (Actually, I literally wear nothing else. I can probably count on my two hands the times I haven’t worn my Nudies since buying them.) These jeans are great. I think Julian Reds are well worth the money if you are looking for some Dry Denim.



  1. That is disgusting. Wash your jeans Ram. Ew. I can’t believe I live with someone who doesn’t wash their jeans.

  2. wow you treat your jeans like suits. I know some law students/ lawyers who refuse to dry clean their suits more than twice a year.

  3. I probably dry clean my suits twice a year, but I don’t wear them that often. It’s not good for your clothes to wash them too much. A suit especially isn’t going to be getting that gross. Your pants you probably would need to clean more frequently though. People buy suit brushes to help keep them clean. I should get one.

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