Rogers Extreme is the Lameness

   19 September 2006, mid-morning

I have Rogers Extreme. It’s normally quite fast. Downloading files from fast servers is a pleasant experience. Using BitTorrent however is a whole other story. I’m downloading a file at 1.7 KB/sec 0 KB/sec. Rogers and I have different definitions of what EXTREME Internet should feel like.

Update: I should add that everything else is wicked fast. Wicked wicked fast. So I don’t hate Rogers that much.

Update: Various tricks get me up to about 50 KB/sec down now, sometimes closer to 80 KB/sec. For comparison, in my old neighbourhood I used to get closer to 200 KB/sec before, on their regular high-speed service.

Update: I’m finally getting speeds I expect. So this post has been renamed to “Rogers Extreme”.

Update Feb 12th 2007: And its slow once more. As such, I’ve renamed this post once again. What’s the point of “extreme” Internet if you can’t download huge files with Bittorrent?

Update Mar 7 2007: TekSavvy FTW!



  1. are you using port 1720?

  2. It really doesn’t help much. I tried that for a bit too. In my old neighbourhood using any large port number would work.

  3. You need to use Azeureus and encrypt the packets. I use port 30300 and get decent speeds. Dad took us off Extreme so the speeds are reasonable I suppose. If you encrypt your packets it doesn’t matter what port you use. What are you trying to get off BT?

  4. Just grabbed Azureus now. It took a couple seconds, as I was getting 700KB/sec. It’s frustrating how much slower BitTorrent is. I’ll let you know if it’s any better. I hate that client though. It’s such a stereotypical open-source application: tons of features and an ugly interface.

  5. utorrent works pretty good too with encryption enabled

  6. Here’s another nod to utorrent and encrypted packets. However, it seems like Cogeco started using something to shape encrypted traffic too. Their extreme package is supposedly 15mbps though I see nothing close to that…

  7. man does high speed in the US suck.

  8. 15mbps…? I’ll second awardtour. Jesus. My top download speeds are usually around 200KB.

  9. 1720 is supposed to be unaffected by ‘shaping’ because its the same port their VOIP product uses. they may have found a workaround by now though..

    see if dslreports forums can help…

  10. Extreme is 6 MPS, but I have heard they are going to start a 15 MPS server—it’d be billed at $100 a month. That 1720 thing doesn’t work anymore, and hasn’t for quite some time I think. It doesn’t take much work for these traffic shappers to figure out what’s a VoIP packet and what isn’t. Even encrypting the packets may not work; they might be able to guess what’s going on based on the amount of data you are sending out of a port, the amount of data you are recieving, and how the data is being sent.

  11. $100! who pays that for internet access?

    a friend of mine just got back from France and he said his friend gets basic cable + 10(?) Mbps + free voip for $30 a month.

    Or just head to Korea and get 100Mb.

  12. I say screw BT and use IRC. XDCC bots are so much faster anyways. BT is only good for large files, like a season of a show or a dvd-r movie

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