Fuck You Too, Waterloo

   19 April 2004, terribly early in the morning

Well, it took them a while, but Waterloo finally told me to piss off. I applied to do graduate studies here back in December, and have been waiting to here from them all this time. My dad called this evening to say that they got a letter saying I didn’t get in.

Am I surprised? A little bit. I’ve done quite well in the computer science program here. Though, in all honesty, that isn’t much of a feat. Perhaps the faculty here knows that as well.

Now I wait to see what U of T has to say. I think I’m going to be looking for a job quite soon.



  1. Shima and I were discussing how I don’t talk abut anything personal on my website. Frankly, I’m in no mood to share how I feel with strangers.

    At the time Shima brought this up, I was complaining about how most people just whine about their lives on their websites. Livejounral uses, I’m looking at you here. I don’t think the internet should be a venue for people to bitch about how they have shitty lives. If you are on the internet, trust me, your life can’t be that bad.

    Is this post too personal, bitter, or whiney? I don’t think so, but you’ll have to be the judge.

  2. Damn. That sucks. I can’t believe you got dissed. There are enough really dumb people in CS that you should have been able to get in. You should apply to Calgary. I’m sure you’ll be appreciated there.

  3. Sorry to hear about the disappointing news. =( Perhaps you’ll get into UT! Have hope. =) GOodluck

  4. that sucks ram, bummer

  5. i think a blog is a place where you can write about whatever you want—that’s why i love blogging—blog is a venue for complete freelance writing—kinda like a personal free space

    so if someone want to bitch, that’s cool—if not, that’s cool too. :D

  6. Well I have to admit, the blog I find most interesting to read is Liz’s, and that’s probably because it’s the most personal.

    I think websites need balance when it comes to the bitching to be interesting for others to read. Like, bitching all the time gets tired. (Just like if all I did was post about how I’m redoing my website, it would get tired too. heh heh heh. see, I can make fun of myself too.)

  7. But then again, you have to admit, there are a lot of smart people in CS, many of whom were probably better than you. [ed. This is a different Ramanan. Also, I actually don't think there are a lot of smart people in CS.]

  8. The editor comments above are by me. Comments that are actually by me are marked with a darker border, and my name is in bold. You shouldn’t let posts by people who also share my name confuse you.

    I am now the number 1 search result when you search for Fuck You Waterloo. That’s how the above person found this site. It’s interesting to see what people out there are searching for.

  9. Dude, that’s awesome… my site comes up second under that search.(I guess it helps that my site is linked to yours.) I’m glad we both hate Waterloo so much! :D

    And I’ve met way too many Waterloo CS/MATH students and while most of ‘em might be smart they rarely have any social skills…. Plus I hate that stupid building! All it’s ever done was cause me and my ibook pain! Stupid CHIP people that know nothing about being polite, having manners and treating people with respect. ARGH! Yeah, I’m still bitter. Sorry for the rant.

    I love you! :D he he he.. yeah I know this has nothing to do with the previous comments but I thought I’d share that with you and the world.

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