Garden State

   15 August 2004, the wee hours

Garden State was amazing. I was quite hyped up to see the film after watching the trailers, and am glad to say the film didn’t disappoint in the least. The film looks great. Each shot looks equisite. The director/writer/star Zach Braff has done a great job with this film. The story begins with Braff’s character returning from LA to his home in New Jersey to attend his mother’s funeral; things move forward from there. The story is quite sweet. I would call the film a funny drama, with a tiny bit a romance. I will stop gushing about the movie now. Go watch it.

The official Garden State web site



  1. I’m so jealous… I’ve been wanting to see this for weeks and it still ain’t showing in ‘loo yet… gotta get back to TO

  2. International Garden State Day is Saturday. See Garden State at the NuWilshire Theatre in Santa Monica at 7:15 p.m. Free posters and soundtrack. Person will be there outside with the goodies and a “Meet Up” sign.

  3. Hey—if you like the songs on the Gardne State Soundtrack, you should check out a band called the Baskervilles… They sound great—- like a lot of the stuff on the Garden State CD. The Baskervilles have 2 CDs available, I think. I got both of them on their record label’s site— , but I think they are on Amazon too… If you got to the Secret Crush site you can hear samples from their new CD “Midnight”. Trust me, you’ll love this band!

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