Gays Can Still Have Hot Gay Married Sex!

    8 December 2006, early morning

The front page of the Globe and Mail informed me that homosexuals can still get married in Canada. (Was anyone really worried?) More than that, it looks like this issue won’t be brought up again by the Tories:

After a Conservative motion calling on the government to restore the traditional definition of marriage was defeated yesterday by a resounding 175 to 123, Mr. Harper said he will not bring the matter back before Parliament.

Harper had said reopening the debate was a campaign promise, which I suppose he has fulfilled now. Its nice to know Harper isn’t going to keep beating this dead horse of an issue. This has been the 6th time since 2003 that the house of commons has voted in favour of letting gays marry. This was a free vote no less; MPs were allowed to vote how they felt irrespective of party lines.

The globe reports that some social conservative groups are unhappy with this result — shocking I know — and are also unhappy that Harper isn’t going to raise the issue again. I’m not entirely sure what they want Harper to do. I mean, he could bring this issue up again in the House of Commons next week, but I can’t see the results being any different.

As far as I can tell, our society hasn’t fallen apart since homosexuals started tying the knot. There are clearly more married gay people having hot gay sex, but it’s not something that keeps me up at night. I think the government’s energy is better spent trying to deal with more important issues like poverty, health care, foreign policy, etc, etc. That’s just me though.



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