15 September 2005, the wee hours

I attended the world premiere of Sophie Fillières’ newest film, Gentille. This will be the last film I watch at the film festival. It was a fluke I ended up watching it; the movie I wanted to see had already sold out when I arrived at the cinema — lucky for me. Gentille was very good, probably the most enjoyable film I watched at the film festival this year. I would try to describe the film, but the film festival site does an excellent job:

Emmanuelle Devos plays Fontaine Leglou, a young anaesthetist whose interactions form the spine of the film. Fontaine lives with Michel (Bruno Todeschini), who is on the verge of proposing marriage, and their nervousness with each other underlines this decisive moment of their lives. Punctuating their quotidian existence is a series of chance meetings that are defined by the unexpected; people and situations come and go as if in a dream.

Emmanuelle Devos does an excellent job playing Fontaine. She is very charming. I was very impressed with the whole film.

Information on Gentille.



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