Go Sri Lanka

   28 April 2007, terribly early in the morning

Rain’s delayed the game. I might be able to make it back before the first few overs get under way. Sri Lanka need to be playing some good cricket today.

Update: Gilchrist was amazing to watch, scoring 149 off way less than 149 balls. Sri Lanka need 282 to win. This was a shortened game, only 38 overs an inning. Australia’s score is pretty damn impressive. For a while it looked like they were going to get upwards of 300. The Sri Lankan bowlers were really performing poorly. The commentators were saying it’s a good pitch for batsman, so we’ll have to see if Sri Lanka have some luck as well. The Sri Lankan batsman really have their work cut out for them.

Update: Sri Lanka lost. Sucks. They had a good run, but Australia are like robots.



  1. so they played for a month and half for the final to be 36 overs? wtf?

    well played lanka. aust are just way too good!

  2. SL, FC, Raptors… ALL LOSERS!

  3. It was a pretty disappointing final. Sri Lanka’s bowling was boring, as was Australia’s. Gilchrest was amazing to watch, and Sangkara and Jayasuryia had a nice run, but on the whole it was pretty anti-climatic match.

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