Good Bye Lenin

    5 December 2004, early morning

I saw the trailer for Good Bye Lenin! a long time ago, and thought it looked like it would be quite the comedy. The movie is funny—once in a while. For the most part however, Good Bye Lenin! is a bit of a downer, a drama about nostalgia I suppose. The film is about a boy whose mother wake up from a coma after sleeping through the fall of the berlin wall. The boy is told his mother can’t take any stress, so decides to hide this information from his mother—sometimes with hilarious results. the movie was quite good, well worth checking out.

The official Good Bye Lenin web site.



  1. Fun Trivia: I was in the same grade, same school as Daniel Brühl, one of the main actors. :-) He had made a film for TV back then, but I wouldn’t have guessed that he’d make such a great career so fast. It’s still feels odd reading about his movie from halfway around the globe.

    And I agree about the movie, it was really good.

  2. I totally forgot to mention when reviewing this film that the love interest is quite attractive.

    Sencer, that is cool. My high school is famous for churning out the Bare Naked Ladies I suppose. Well one half anyway.

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