Good Night, And Good Luck

    3 November 2005, mid-morning

On the advice of Tyler, I went and watched Good Night, and Good Luck at the Cumberland cinema last night. I’ve now saved a total of $4 thanks to my membership. I have $8 to go before I have recouped the cost of the membership. Good Night, And Good Luck is about Edward Murrows taking Senator Joseph McCarthy to task for his Communist witch hunts during the 50s. Before CBS took the story, many journalists were too afraid to go after McCarthy. The film is shot in black and white, and looks great. There is a lot of stock news-reel footage in the film, which also gives it a very documentary feel; a very large chunk of the film consists of news-reel footage. The film is in many ways an obvious criticism of the Bush administrations undemocratic behaviour, and I think more importantly, a criticism of todays lack-lustre media coverage of important stories. Tyler post on the movie discusses this aspect of the film. I want to learn to talk like Murrows. The man is very eloquent, and more importantly, has one of those stereotypical 50s news-man voices. Everyone in the movie smokes, and I have to say it is a shame smoking is so horrible for you, because it is so damn cool.

The official Good Night, And Good Luck web site.



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