Google IPO

   29 April 2004, mid-afternoon

Well, word on the street is that Google has filed for an initial public offering. I wonder if this will have the profound effects people are hoping for, causing a serious rebound in the tech sector. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. This tidbit of news is also my first post to Metafilter.



  1. Read the S-1, it’s really amazing that they didn’t become public sooner. It’s huge and they are doing very very well.

  2. Your first post was remarkably free of bitching. Kudos.

  3. Well it was like the tamest of topics. Though on Metafilter it seems most anything can degenerate into a bitch-fest.

  4. Well, I was expecting people to complain about the subject matter.

  5. Everyone likes Google. I think that’s why I can just post a link to a CNN article about it. I know normally people bitch about newsfilter type posts.

  6. You’re lucky I don’t have an account. I would’ve given you a he-bitch man slap to end all times. Even Quonsar would have shuddered.

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