Google Talk Logging

    7 February 2006, early morning

Well it looks like Google is going to start letting you log all your Google Talk conversations within Google Mail. You just need to turn this feature on within GMail and you are good to go. (It is off by default, at least for myself.) On the one hand, being able to search through all your old IM conversations would be really cool. On the hand, there is the whole “Google has all my information” thing to think about. I’m sure there will be plenty of people happy with this change—the lack of logging in Google Talk was a big oversight.

Update: According to the official Google Blog, Chat + Email = Crazy Delicious. True Dat! Double True!



  1. i like google and all, but i’m starting to get creeped out that they’d have my search history, email history, what news i read, and now my chat history.

    man, sounds like one stop shopping for Bush and the NSA.

  2. You worried about the NSA? I am worried about Google. Maybe its our world views or something ;)

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