Guerilla Blogging

   18 October 2004, early evening

I liked Dinu's definition of Guerilla bloging so much, I decided to dedicate a whole post to it. I wait patiently for Guerilla bloging to be discussed at some bloging conference as the next big thing. Guerilla bloging will be the Mobloging of my generation.

Guerillia Blogging
The act of blogging on someone else's blog via comments on a blog entry without the blog owner's consent to use his blog in such a fashion. (Example)



  1. It’s really not as catchy as “moblogging” though. You need to call it “gublogging” or “gueblogging” or something.

  2. How abt “Cheblogging”? Not exactly guerilla but hey revolutionary. Che (with the accent, of course) is a brand these days.

    Or we can lower it to a street thug occupation by calling it ‘graffiti’. Mind you, some would actually claim that I have ironically raised it to an art form. But ‘blogaffiti’ is not catchy.

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