6 December 2004, evening time

Hackers features a killer soundtrack and the super-sexy Angelina Jolie. The whole cast is actually pretty bizarre; a dude from Trainspotting, Marc Anthony, the psychiatrist from the Sapranos and Shaggy from the Scooby Doo movies all star in the film. The film brings up all sorts of some what obscure old-school tech-trivia at times, and is in some ways quite accurate in its depiction of computers. In the movie we get to see social hacking, dumpster diving, denial of service attacks and phreaking. However, the movie is campy. So campy. Most of the time the movie is as far from real as it can get. At times it is just too ridiculous. The movie is all right. I’ve seen worse.

Reviews of Hackers at Rotten Tomatoes



  1. I was surprised to see that there are three volumes of Hackers music on Amazon.ca.

  2. ... and the villain is the guy who played Pheobe’s creepy psychiatrist boyfriend in “The One with the Boobies”

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