Hamas takes Gaza

   15 June 2007, terribly early in the morning

The cover of the Globe and Mail features a Hamas fighter standing on a table in Fatah’s intelligence headquarters, brandishing a Kalashnikov and a Qur’an. It’s a pretty amazing photograph. Gaza is now under control of Hamas. The West Bank remains under the control of Fatah. There are reports of gun battles out there though, so fighting may flare up in the West Bank next. How did we end up with Palestinians shooting at Palestinians? Somehow I doubt this this will lead to Palestinian self-determination.



  1. these AP photos are also pretty nuts. honestly, does Hamas call up their AP buddy before they raid offices?

  2. How?

    I will outline the simple facts.

    1. Hamas with a few other groups were supported by Israel to undermine Fatah.

    2. Fast forward: Hamas now more hardline than Fatah towards Israel. However, they have a reputation unlike Fatah for providing social services to the Palestenian people. Fatah has become very corrupt.

    3. Wall is being built by Israelis caging in the Palestenians and grabbing more land.

    4. Hamas is democratically elected by the Palestinian people.

    5. Israel refused to negotiate with Fatah leader Arafat and poisoned him, now they refuse to negotiate with Hamas. They say they prefer Fatah!

    5. Israel places hold on Taxes belonging to the Palestinian state and deprives them of funds.

    6. U.S. and EU place sanctions on Palestine.

    7. U.S. starts arming Fatah to fight with Hamas.

    8. Barghouthi a very popular and highly respected Palestinian leader (unlike Abbas) is being imprisoned by the Israelis. People think if he is released, he will be the key to stopping the violence. It won’t happen. He will not be prepared to give in to the U.S.

    So the bottom line is the U.S. has blood on their hands.

  3. U.S. did this with lebanon last year. They used the Israelis. The Israelis were able to walk in while the world watched, and nobody acted.

    This time the U.S. is using Fatah, while the Israelis can take a breather.

    And again we sit on our hands while this happens on our TV screens.

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