Haven't We Met Before?

    4 September 2007, early morning

Shima organized a picnic in High Park, inviting anyone and everyone she knows. Early in the day, while waiting for people to slowly trickle in I get a call from Limin, who is one such person we were waiting for. High Park is big and she isn’t sure where we are. It turns out she was calling from a pay phone at the Cafe just North of where we decided to sit. I’m about to tell her where she needs to go when she interrupts me: “Ram, I think I see Shima’s brother." This is interesting because Limin, whose been outside of Canada for a while now, has never met Shima, let alone her brother. I hear her yelling, “Excuse me, you wouldn’t by chance happen to be Shima’s brother,” then, back into the phone, “Yeah, that’s her brother, I’m going to follow him.” I learned yesterday that plastering photographs of your friends and family on the Internet can actually serve a useful purpose.



  1. A few months ago, I was meeting a coworker at a bar. I had never been to the bar, which was huge and packed, and was about to give up when I saw my coworker’s roommates. I recognized them from her Facebook pictures. They helped me find my coworker, and I realized the Internet is both creepy and very useful.

  2. it’s such a weird feeling. when i met Rishi I felt like I knew him cause you’ve posted so many photos of him.

  3. Very fun story. Haha.

    Yeah, through your photoblog, I feel like I know your friends more than I actually do.

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