Hey! Ram

   12 March 2006, late morning

I watched Hey! Ram last night with Shima. It is one of my favourite Tamil movies. The movie is about communal violence in India. In particular, the film follows the violence that surrounded the partition of India into Pakistan and India. It is so unlike your typical Tamil movie. There are hardly any song and dance numbers, and where music is inserted into the movie, it is done so in a very thoughtful and intelligent manner. The movie is violent—incredibly violent. Bombay deals with communal violence as well, but the riot scenes in Hey! Ram are something else. I think they are some of the most intense scenes of violence I have ever seen—and I watch a lot of movies. Hey! Ram is so well put together, and for the most part the acting is top-notch. The camera work is great. There are a few scenes that are shot brilliantly. I can’t recommend this film enough (though be advised it isn’t for the faint of heart).

A very good review of the film, detailing just how much research went into the movies making.



  1. if you liked Hey Ram, you will love Anbae Sivam. in this movie, Kamal Hassan tackles the intersection of religion and politics very very nicely.

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