Hipster Halloween

   31 October 2008, terribly early in the morning

It’s Halloween, and tonight I plan to dress like a hipster. This costume works for a couple reasons: I already have enough junk to dress like a hipster: skinny jeans, crazy shoes, thick plastic glasses, vintage t-shirts, etc. I recently purchased this strange vest from PreLoved which may round out the costume. (If you have any other ideas for what a hipster outfit should entail, I’m all ears. Sadly, I still can’t grow an ironic mustache. I may in fact be the only South Indian man unable to grow mustache.) Since my friends already think i’m a hipster, the costume would also be ironic, thereby cementing it as a solid hipster costume. If only I had a fixed gear bike.



  1. you can borrow my bike helmet if you’d like and pretend you have a fixed gear bike.

  2. Hipsters don’t wear helmets. They wear slightly deconstructed vintage-looking scarves.
    I think you can substitute a fixed gear bike with a longboard.

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