13 June 2005, late morning

I watched Hitch with my brothers over the weekend. Will Smith plays a fellow who helps less-than-suave dudes meet the women they are infatuated with—men looking for ‘true love’. For example, Will Smith turns down the request for help from a sleazy wall street type looking to score with some random chick. Eva Mendez plays the love interest in the film, and is looking hot. Kevin James is funny as usual, playing a hopeless but charming accountant trying to hook up with one of his glamorous clients. The movie is very much a romantic comedy, there were plenty of sappy moments, but for the most part the film is pretty funny. It’s nothing profound, but is a funny enough film.

The official Hitch web site



  1. Anybody remember Eva Mendes from Will Smith’s video for ‘Miami’?

    Yeah, I like Will Smith.

  2. That was Eva Mendes? Damn.

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