Honey White

   12 May 2005, late morning

The guy who needed help asking a girl out to the prom ended up asking her out. She said yes. This of course caused a new Ask.Mefi thread on good prom stories. In Canada, proms are called formals.



  1. No they’re not!? I don’t know what you went to, but I went to a prom in OAC. :P

    And I’m glad the girl said yes, I was certain she would have said no.. but you already knew that I suppose.

  2. Proms are so over rated.

    Though one of my friends got engaged the night of our OAC one!

  3. Me: Me too…Hey, are you going to Metafilter with anyone, by chance?

    Her: Meta what?


  4. In the US, formals are just dances that require you to dress up. They occur at random times in the school year, usually like Valentine’s Day and crap like that. The prom is like, The Prom. It’s like a formal but you have to spend more money and be more stressed out.

    Unless you happen to have a girlfriend at the time and then it’s all really very simple. Lucky me.

    Man that was a long time ago.

  5. I also think that’s the case up here in the great white north.

    I went to the prom in Grade 12 and OAC with no date, and I turned out just fine (!) I don’t know what the big deal is about having a date to your prom, but that’s just me.

  6. Yes, prom was indeed overrated. I went in Grade 12—had a good time. but the preparation for doign something like this was just absurd.

  7. I think prom is wonderful. But then I find more and more that we need ceremony. I think there is something to be said for ending that period in your life with class and tradition. Everyone together for the last time like that, all dressed up… it’s a good way to say goodbye. It’s a chance to realize how much everyone has grown over 4 years (the duration of high school in the US, anyway). Call me old fashioned, I guess.

  8. Yes, a very very long time ago for some of us.


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