Hot Fuzz

   10 August 2010, terribly early in the morning

Grant and I had a date on Friday. We watched Hot Fuzz. It was playing as part of a film festival curated by director Edgar Wright. I had never seen the film before. It’s a funny send up of buddy-cop films and horror movies — a strange pairing. Simon Pegg plays a super-cop who is sent to a small town in London to work because he’s making his fellow police officers look bad. As this is a film, things in this quaint small town aren’t quite as clean-cut as they appear. It’s a very funny movie. I was reminded very much of Spaced, the TV show Simon Pegg starred in before doing films. There is this creepiness that underlies the whole film, much like the TV show. It’s often a source of the humour. Timothy Dalton plays one of the town locals, and he is hilarious in the film. Hot Fuzz is well worth seeing.

The official Hot Fuzz website.



  1. How is it that you’ve never seen this before now?

  2. I watched this yesterday or the day before with Vax Giri and Lavan. The movie was awesome. Simon pegg is a genius. I also watched “How to lose friends and alienate people” yesterday and I also enjoyed that.

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