11 June 2004, terribly early in the morning

I spent the evening watching Hotel with Mezan. The film is by Mike Figgis, of Timecode and Leaving Las Vegas fame. Hotel features a crazy cast; there are too many famous people you would recognize in the film for me to list. That said, the film is for the most part far too bizarre to be enjoyable. I guess this was Figgis’ attempt at making a David Lynch film. I can’t describe the film. The cinematography is quite good, the aesthetics of the film are nice, but other then that, this film is really not worth watching.

The official website for Hotel



  1. I actually enjoyed the eccentricity of the movie. The performances were pretty good too. However, it is an experimental film, and not a typical narrative and therefore a little hard to watch. I also like how it made fun of itself at times too.

    While not a masterpiece, it was still more interesting to watch than a large number of movies in theatres or on the rental shelves.

  2. You should have waited and had a theme night. You could have watched Four Rooms, the Million Dollar Hotel, Century Hotel…

  3. Lucy Liu has the best line in the movie. I won’t say what it is, because it’ll ruin it, but that line makes the movie worth watching. The self mockery is quite good.

    Actually, my favourite part of Timecode was the dude trying to pitch his idea for a movie that was infact Timecode.

  4. Another notable thing about the Hotel dvd is the trailer included for Dirty Pretty Things. That really reinforced my contempt for movie trailers.

  5. Why?

  6. Basically, the story that is implied by the trailer is nothing at all what the movie is actually about. They make it look like Audrey Tatou is uncovering some mystery, when she isn’t even the lead character.

  7. Well, I’d rather have one of those than the ones that give away all the best parts and the ending. I can always check a review to make sure it’s what I think it is.

    Also, WB Superstar is very depressing.

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