How do you pronounce Shima

   21 February 2007, early morning

Someone searched for phrase “How do you pronounce Shima” and ended up at my site. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t learn much from the post they landed on. Maybe this post will show up next time. You pronounce Shima as follows: She-mah.



  1. I didn’t think my name was that hard to pronounce. The only real way you could butcher it is to pronounce it Shy-Mah, but I’ve hardly had that happen.

  2. Funny you mention that, because I was going to add, “if you want to annoy my Shima you should call her Shymah”.

  3. I always thought it was pronounced SHE! mah…I guess the exclamation was to be cute only…my mistake.

  4. Haha. I enjoyed this entry.

  5. LOL
    very cute! =)

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