How to get on Digg's front page.

   24 February 2006, the wee hours

Digg is a technology website, similar to Slashdot, but with really dreadful comments—and compared to Slashdot that’s saying a lot. That said, Digg is usually on the ball when it comes to discovering interesting stuff on the internet.

One easy way to get on Digg’s front-page is to write a list of the top ten Mac applications no one should go without. It doesn’t matter how many such lists have been posted to Digg in the past week, month, or year, your list will shoot up to the front page. It might take a little while, but it will happen.

Use this knowledge for good, not for evil.



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Some things to keep in mind: You can style comments using Textile. In particular, *text* will get turned into text and _text_ will get turned into text. You can post a link using the command "linktext":link, so something like "google": will get turned in to google. I may erase off-topic comments, or edit poorly formatted comments; I do this very rarely.