2 January 2011, early evening

Shima and I watched Hunger over the Christmas holidays. (It’s not really a “Christmas” film.) Hunger is about the final days of Bobby Sands. The movie starts with near the tail end of the ‘no-wash’ protests and moves on to the Bobby Sands hunger strike. The movie is very terse. The whole film is about an hour and fifteen minutes long. There is barely any dialogue. The film jumps between being beautiful and haunting and ugly and brutal. There is a conversation between Sands and his priest in the middle of the film that takes the entire film to a whole other level of amazing. Hunger was excellent. You should watch it. The film will probably make you want to celebrate the death of Tatcher with champagne — if you weren’t planning on doing so already.

The official Hunger website.



  1. The bottle’s in our fridge as I write this, I assure you.

  2. I told you that movie was awesome!!!!!!

  3. I was just looking at the trailer again, so epic

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