I can still do Graph Theory

   29 March 2007, late afternoon

Krishna asked me, “if G has a girth of at least 6 and contains a vertex of degree at most 2 then G is 3 colourable.” It took me a couple seconds to remember what that all meant, and then a little longer to figure out how to go from there. Its kind of sad though that I am happy about being able to do a 2nd year Graph Theory problem — an easy one at that. Sometimes I feel like I used to be smart and I’m getting progressively dumber. My 4th year Graph Theory notes are mental. Well, to be fair, I’m quite sure I thought they were mental at the time as well.



  1. I need to do more math when I’m off term. I will be sure to read a bunch of your books this coming work term. And don’t you worry there will be plenty of creases the next time you take a look at them.

    Is Martha still working hard on her Ph. D?

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