I Feel Violated

    3 June 2004, early evening

I’m aware that some people like this layout. Apparently some people like it a lot. Here is a site that has totally copied my site. The site is based out of Brazil, so my only hope is that it is made by one of the models from the Bavaria commercials. Those chicks are hot. I can dream anyway.

A screen shot of the site that stole my layout.



  1. That is a definite clone. (The dude even has the same “R” icon going with the site). How did you find it?

  2. He’s actually the number one referrer when I check my stats at 1and1. The weird thing is that his site doesn’t show up in the referrer logs that are done by Textpattern.

  3. man, that’s ghetto.
    damn, son.

  4. oh no! grrr. i could kick his butt if you’d like? but than that would mean you’d have to pay for my travel costs! :D

  5. copying is the best form of flattery….. i represented for you YO. R to the A to the M…..he’s the man…..bam mam feee fi fo FAM!

    too much karate make ali go crazieeeeeeee and my thumb hurtsies

  6. http://www.pirated-sites.com/

  7. lol… ali you’re a freak… honestly you’re worse than me.. (iberoom mereh.)

  8. Whoa. I just realized you are you. You commented on the TP forum today when I had a question. I read you everyday. How very strange.

  9. Definitely report to “pirated-sites.com”. Dude, he’s only changed the content, he’s hot-linking your css file and favicon! That’s not just a clone, that’s stealing your bandwidth. As a matter of fact, if he has the rss/atom feed link posted anywhere, it will be your feed!

  10. Hey, I just realized, if you ask Dean, I bet he would ixnay his extpatterntay.

  11. Cool! I didn’t know you could do that. Can you teach me how to copy your…um..I mean…other ppls sites?

  12. Hey Hass I didn’t even realize that. Damn, no wonder i have so many refers from him. What a bitch. Thanks for the info. Also Tyler, thanks for the info, I’ve been to pirated sites before, but I had forgot about it. I’ll post at pirated sites and i’ll try and block his domain so his page breaks.

  13. Yeah, so thanks to Hass’ sharp eyes, I have stopped the guy from linking directly to my CSS file. We’ll see how long it takes for him to download a copy of my CSS and get things going again. I submitted the piracy to pirated-sites, but now that I’ve blocked him his site just looks ghetto.

  14. hehehe, i was thinking the same thing when i woke up this morning, but it looks like everything has been sorted out. good work hass! :)

    man, brazilians can’t make beer, can’t make websites… at least they can make commercials. damn.

  15. they can also play soccer very well. yay for soccer!

  16. You’re welcome Ram, I would still shoot Dean an email. Sh!ma, Penta Campeo! (brasil, 5 time world champs)

  17. A translation

    in case anyone wants to read a bad translation.

  18. wow, how did you manage to track this one?

  19. He was showing up in my referrer logs, thanks to the fact he was linking directly to files on my site.