I Love You Organic Sumatra

    5 May 2006, lunch time

The Organic Sumatra I bought at Coffee Tree may very well be the best coffee I have ever had in my entire life. It’s so damn good. Everyone who I have made some of this coffee for has enjoyed it a lot as well. My AeroPress is still working prefectly. I spent a week drinking coffee from the office machine, as I had lent the press to Mezan while I was in Sydney, and there is a world of difference between what the machine spits out versus what the press creates. I enjoyed the coffee I got from Coffee Tree last time, but this Organic Sumtra tastes absolutely amazing. It’s very smooth, and has a very nice taste to it. I think it’s the first coffee I’ve bought that I could drink as an espresso shot. My dilemma now is that I am not sure if I should keep trying different coffees from Coffee Tree, or stick with what I suspect is the perfect coffee. Yes, my life is truly hard.



  1. You love who?!

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