I Missed the Bus

   28 December 2005, early morning

There are several buses that leave from the bus platform where I wait for my bus at Kipling station. Since I know the difference between the numbers 30, 192, and 191, I usually don’t mix any of these up. I take the 191A to work. That A is important. There have been two occasions where I have taken the 191 instead of the 191A. The difference between the 191 and the 191A is that one bus turns onto Dixon, and takes me to where I work, while the other sails past Dixon and is a thoroughly useless bus. (The problem is that I can never remember which bus I normally take.) The first time I missed the bus, I got off somewhere in the middle of nowhere and caught the bus heading Southbound. During rush hour the Southbound bus doesn’t stop where I work, but the nice bus driver let me off on the edge of the highway. Today, I noticed my error a little bit after the bus I was on skipped the Dixon exit. Again, the bus driver was nice enough to let me off on the side of the highway. I can now say I have crossed a highway.



  1. not that I visit your sight often. But you know how stupid it is to cross a highway I thought you had more sense!. Next time ask the driver if you are not sure.

    your old man

  2. The 427 up where I work has no cars on it during the holidays, so it wasn’t as stupid as you might think. I was careful.

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