I, Robot

   17 July 2004, the wee hours

I liked I, Robot. I thought it was quite good. I would say the special effects were top notch, as was the story. I think the girl in the film is quite pretty. I wish that showers didn’t mist up so much when you take one. I think you should go watch this film, it is a very entertaining film.

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  1. I’d have to say that i’m not expecting too much from it… I gather that most of the story is shown in the trailers… am i wrong in my thinking? If so, i’ll go see it

  2. Does it follow Asimov’s three rules of what a robot should be?

    Are you talking abt (the girl) Bridget Moynihan?

  3. The trailers reveal some of the funnier scenes I suppose, so watching them again in the theatre isn’t so entertaining. But the film is really a mystery, and the trailers don’t reveal much of anything about it all.

    I am talking about Bridget Moynihan, who is quite sexy.

    And yeah, the film focuses around the 3 three rules, and how they protect humans from robots. I haven’t read Asimov’s story, so I don’t know if things go wrong in the same sort of way.

  4. Just got back home from seeing “I, Robot.” I have to say, I was impressed. Going in, I didn’t have high expectations because of the scores at rottentomates and metacritic weren’t huge (not to mention my fave critic Ebert didn’t seem blow away).

    But, wow! Alex Proyas (“The Crow,” “Dark City”) has created another stunning-looking movie with well-developed characters.

    The story (don’t worry, Ramanan. I won’t spoil anything this time :-) was great. Not sure that if strayed from Asimov’s story because I’ve never read it. But, as a 2-hour movie, it worked.

    The last time I saw a sci-fi film that I actually became immersed in was “Minority Report.” “I, Robot” gave me the same feeling.

    Oh, yeah… Moynihan… grrrr… :)

  5. I haven’t read any of the stories either, but scuttlebutt from around the net is that these are the kinds of situations that he touched on. I enjoyed it, especially how for most of the film it was a mystery instead of an out and out action film. I’m not sure whether or not I liked the ending with Sonny’s secret promise. I think it might have been better without it.

    The scene with Smith sneezing got a huge laugh by an otherwise dead quiet audience.

    And Ram, I’m sure eventually Wil Smith will make a non-shower misting scene just for you.

  6. That’s what bugged me about the movie. Will Smith you get to see in all his glory—meow—but you don’t get to see Bridget Moynahan in all her very sexy glory.

    I watched it at Rainbow cinemas. Most of the jokes got big laughs in the mostly-high-school-kids crowd. The sneeze in particular.

    I liked how it was a mystery as well. I was actually quite surprised with how the movie was structured. I was expecting something quite different given what you see in the trailers and TV spots.

  7. I’m in the top 10 when you search for Bridget Moynihan in Google. Man, I feel sorry for people looking for pictures of her and ending up here.

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