I'm Back Yo

   10 May 2007, terribly early in the morning

My plane touched down in Toronto yesterday afternoon. While waiting for my bags a random police officer person asked me what I was up to, where I was coming from, etc. I repeated everything I had told the people in customs 10 minutes back. I wonder if I look particularly suspicious or not. I’m always so curt with the immigration officers at airports because I always assume they think i’m trying to scam my way into the country. I guess they are paid to be rude, though. (Is the comma between “rude” and “though” appropriate?) It’s nice being back, though I really enjoyed my trip. Shima had tidied the apartment up while I was away. I need to tidy up for more when I get home tonight. I am so broke. I think it’s time to sit around at home and play some WoW.



  1. I don’t think the comma is necessary there, unless you are being informal and making a point. As in they are rude…though? Not sure I understand it as verbalization either though.

    Well glad nothing out of the ordinary happened to you at customs.

    So Wendy (and her BF) of all people dragged be back into WoW. I play 29 battle grounds as a rogue.

  2. Actually the comma is appropriate there.

  3. Do you really get a lot of shit from customs? I never seem to have any problems with them, though airport security always seems one step away from putting a gloved hand up my ass.

    Apparently you look like a refugee, and I look like a terrorist. Who knew?

  4. Not lots, but more than I think I warrant. I travel on a Canadian passport, and I was born in Britain. Half the time I’m traveling from one first world country to the next, so I mean, it’s not like I’m trying to escape my tortured life in London or Sydney to come to Toronto. (I can’t imagine a Tamil dude making it to London, and thinking, “You know what, i’m going to try and get to Toronto now.”) This is the second time I think I’ve been asked by the security people in the baggage area to explain my situation. And I was quite visibly holding my Canadian passport while waiting. Lame.

  5. Welcome back Ram.

    Actually, I often get a billion questions asked at customs. Now, I look around and find a male customs agent. I found they’re less ruthless, I don’t know why.

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